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📦 Free Shipping on orders over $70
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📦 Free Shipping on orders over $70
📦 Free Shipping on orders over $70
📦 Free Shipping on orders over $70
Is Catchy Really Worth It? Your FAQs Answered!

Is Catchy Really Worth It? Your FAQs Answered!

Maybe you’ve seen Catchy in a Facebook ad, or your friend sent you a post saying “You need this!!”, but you’re sceptical. You’re not alone, many of our 5 star reviews start with “I was sceptical, but Catchy is the best purchase I’ve ever made! ” There’s a reason people give us 5 stars after giving Catchy a try. 

We’ve rounded up some common questions or statements regarding Catchy to help you decide for yourself!

“Just get a dog!”

We know most dogs love being on clean up duty. (And Catchy probably won’t be their favourite thing). We've actually found that lots of our customers get Catchy because they have a dog and 1) need to watch their waistline, 2) want to protect them from foods that are toxic for dogs (I.e grapes, avocado, and dairy) and 3) save the food for their bub before the dog gets to it first! Have you had food dropped on the floor that gets dog hair stuck to it? With Catchy, you no longer have to worry about that. As a bonus, any leftovers that are safe for your fur baby to eat, you can scoop it out of Catchy straight into the dog bowl! 


“Teach your kids not to throw!”

The idea of letting kids explore their food and get messy isn’t about encouraging them to throw their food, but about understanding that babies learn through sensory experiences. Food throwing is a normal and developmentally appropriate behaviour for babies learning to eat and the best way to stop food throwing is to ignore it. We invented Catchy because it helps you do just that!  You can still role model and teach age-appropriate table manners while allowing your child to explore their foods and make a bit of a mess along the way (thanks to Catchy!). You can learn more about the benefits of letting your baby get messy here

“How is this different from cleaning the floor?” 

We especially designed Catchy to make our lives as parents easier, so we’ve made it much easier to clean than getting on your hands and knees to clean the floors. Because of the shape and non-toxic, food-safe material it's so easy to just pick up the food and re-offer it to bub or save it for later!

Catchy is waterproof, durable and so easy to clean! Parents who have tried messy mats and towels under the high chair know that nothing compares to Catchy. With messy mats you then have to wash the mat after use and they are easy to slip over and walk food through the house. With Catchy you just leave it in place (you don't need to take it off between meals) and simply wipe it clean with a cloth, just like you clean the high chair tray! 

“My kid throws much further than that!”

We invented Catchy because our daughter was a thrower!! You’d be surprised how much food Catchy can catch! Food throwing is actually a normal phase for babies and it doesn’t last forever… but the messy eating does and Catchy will save your sanity well beyond the food throwing stage.

“How do I clean it?”

Catchy is super easy to clean! It’s made from a durable waterproof material so you simply wipe it clean in place using a cloth just like the high chair tray (No need to take it off between meals). You can watch a video here

And don’t just take our word for it. Real 5 star reviews from previously sceptical, now HAPPY Catchy parents:


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